Home Buyers Never Pay A Fee

Albuquerque Home Buyers

Albuquerque Home Buyers Never Pay a Real Estate Fee:

The most common question I get from first time home buyers in the Albuquerque area:

“Do I have to pay for your services”?

Nope, home buyers who work with me will never pay any fees: No Listing Fees: No Transaction Fees: No Company Fees – EVER. I get paid from the listing agent’s total commission. It is between the listing agent and the seller on how much commission is to be compensated and I am paid at closing out of the proceeds of the sale.

Not only am I bound by my own personal beliefs of being just, fair and honest. All New Mexico Real Estate agents have legal duties to their buyers and all Realtors must subscribe to a higher level of ethics.

What does all of this mean?

It means that just because the seller is paying all of the listing fees, my duty as a buyer’s agent, is to you, the buyer.