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Do you smell coffee & bagels? Maybe you live in Nob Hill. Swing open your front door & take a stroll. Sit at a sidewalk café. Poke your head into a quaint shop.

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Nob Hill, Albuquerque NM

The area surrounding UNM, Nob Hill and Ridgecrest could be considered Albuquerque’s first suburb. In the 1800s, this part of the East Mesa was home to nothing more than a few homesteaders with their cattle. Then in 1889, the University of New Mexico decided to call this area home. By all accounts, the locals couldn’t believe they were going to put the university so far out of town!

By the 1920s, developers were building beautiful homes on these tree-lined streets. Pueblo Revival, California Mission, Southwestern and Mediterranean are the predominant home styles here. These park-filled neighborhoods are bursting with fun things to do: minutes to UNM, Nob Hill Shopping and Dining and the numerous amenities of Albuquerque City Life – all right there at your feet. Now, go get that bagel!

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Neighborhood Associations in the UNM / Ridgecrest / Nob Hill, Albuquerque

Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association

Victory Hills Neighborhood Association

Silver Hill Neighborhood Association

University Heights Association

Southeast Heights Neighborhood Association

Yale Village

Kirtland Community

Clayton Heights  – Lomas Del Cielo

Neighborhoods and Subdivisions in the UNM South, Nob Hill, Ridgecrest Area, Albuquerque, NM

Nob Hill, Silver Hill, Terrace Addition, Terrace Addn, Buena Vista Heights, University Heights, Granada Heights Addn., Granada Heights Addition, Mesa Grande Addn., Mesa Grande Addition, Valley View Addition, Valley View Addn., Parkland Hills Addn., Parkland Hills Addition, Mesa Court Addn., Mesa Court Addition, Ridgecrest Addn. Ridgecrest Addition, Knob Heights Addn., Knob Heights Addition, Monterey Hills Addn., Monterey Hills Addition, Victory Addn., Loma Linda, Clayton Heights, Yale Village Addn., Yale Village Addition, Kirtland Addn. Southeast Heights, Lomas Del Cielo, Hyder Park