Moving Checklist

Albuquerque Relocating Checklist

Before Moving Day

Whether you are moving to, from or around Albuquerque we are going to presume that you have already sorted, purged, and are ready to pack.

  • Create a Moving Binder – This is for your moving records, receipts, and inventory photos and lists.
  • Transfer School Records – Arrange for your children’s records to be transferred to their new school district. ASK FOR COPIES OF ALL RECORDS and keep them with you while moving.
  • Notify subscription Services –  magazines or newspapers need your new address.
  • Inform your Insurance Agent of your move, you may need to find a new agent.
  • Begin Packing – From the least used things first, make an inventory and take pictures.
  • Label Your Boxes – Especially fragile items and the rooms they belong in.
  • Depost Refunds – Arrange for the refunds of deposits.
  • Change of Address – Notify the Post Office. USPS LINK
  • Pet Regulation – Inquire regulations, licenses, vaccinations, tags etc. In Albuquerque inquire HERE.

Plan for the special needs of infants, children, pets and houseplants, all are poor traveling companions when not properly planed and cared for.


Carry valuables and documents with you or at least send them certified and insured.
Carry Travelers checks for quick available funds.

I like to make sure my spouse and I carry a few different credit cards in case one of us loses their wallet.

Carry a list of all credit cards and their emergency phone numbers … just in case.

Make sure a relative or close friend knows your travel plans and schedule. Check in with them at least daily.

It is time for one last run through. Check the attic, basement, old closets, drawers, shelves and the place where everybody forgets to check … above the kitchen cabinets and the top shelves.

Don’t forget to leave your old set of keys with the new owners or with your REALTOR®.

Good Luck!