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For Sale By Owner or a REALTOR

Albuquerque Buyers Agent

Albuquerque REALTOR or Sell your home yourself?

Albuquerque FSBO CartoonSo many people today say “Can’t I just go online and sell my house?” Well, sure, some do. It’s not a process I would recommend for the faint of heart.

In the early 1970′s residential contracts in Albuquerque rarely exceeded a page or two. Today it is not unusual to have a residential contract package that is an inch thick or more.

A good New Mexico Real Estate Broker can really help you navigate what has become a very complicated process. Disclosures (both Federal and State), inspection reports and myriad multipage contracts are needed before a home can be sold. Read More …

Moving Checklist

Albuquerque Relocating Checklist

Before Moving Day

Whether you are moving to, from or around Albuquerque we are going to presume that you have already sorted, purged, and are ready to pack.

  • Create a Moving Binder – This is for your moving records, receipts, and inventory photos and lists.
  • Transfer School Records – Arrange for your children’s records to be transferred to their new school district. ASK FOR COPIES OF ALL RECORDS and keep them with you while moving. Read More …